Matcha green tea

There are some things that you need to know about Matcha green tea, especially seeing that many people are ditching their favorite coffee houses for matcha shots. For starters, matcha green tea is a finely ground powder made from a specially grown green tea. The specialty comes from the way it is processed and grown. Here are some of the things that you should know about matcha tea.

It has health benefits.

Since the leaves are ingested, users stand to benefit a lot from its richness in vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants which play an important an important role in anti-ageing, battling heart disease, diabetes and high blood pressure.

It involved meditation.

With meditation becoming more main stream, matcha is finding its place in contemporary western society as it is associated with Zen.

There are varying qualities.

Yes, you can get different qualities through blending. It is also possible to sweeten the powders or add flavors that excite your taste buds.

It can be incorporated into meals.

Matcha is a favorite of chefs. It can not only be used as a beverage but also as an ingredient.

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Matcha – Benefits and Description

Gluten free Shanghai is a group that supports coeliacs or are gluten intolerant. They help them choose the right kinds of food to eat that will not make their condition worse. Matcha is one of the beneficial things for people with such conditions.


Matcha Green Tea is finely ground powder usually used to make green tea. It is popular in Japan and China. The powder is obtained by crushing the leaves which are dried then de-stemmed and de-veined. Matcha tea is prepared by sifting a teaspoon of the powder into a cup, adding hot water to the cup and whisking the mixture until it is frothy.

Apart from making tea, matcha can also be used as an ingredient in ice cream, yogurt and food. It has many health benefits including:
– Boosts the immune system due to presence of antioxidants
– Lowers cholesterol
– Detoxifies the body
– Improves mood and concentration
– Relaxes the body
– Contains magnesium, vitamin c, chromium and selenium which are beneficial to the body

Guide to choosing a travel pillow

If you are a common traveler, you know just how difficult it is to move around the whole day and still not be able to sleep comfortably. This is probably why most of us opt to pick a travel pillow for their journey. Now, there are many of these pillows around, and Gluten Free Shanghai wishes to offer a guide on what is out there and what works for you.

travel pillow

You will need to think about the space your travel pillow is going to take up. Non-inflatable travel pillows are strong and great if you are traveling using a spacious means .Inflatable pillows are great for confined areas because once deflated, they take up very little space.

Your choice of pillow will also depend on the purpose. U-pillows are used for the neck while wedge travel pillows are used for the back and spine. A cushion pillow on the other hand is multipurpose.

A travel pillow is the ideal piece to make your traveling comfortable. Choosing right guarantees you a great journey.

Gluten Free Shanghai

If you are a gluten sensitive person and you find yourself in Shanghai there is a great organization called Gluten Free Shanghai. They will provide you with many options on where and what to eat considering your coeliac disease. Buy your own travel pillow and embark on a gluten free journey to Shanghai. It is hard for a gluten sensitive person to travel. You have to be careful. Here is one tip, green tea is gluten free and is actually a very healthy beverage. It is also tasty and great for your stomach.

There are also many gluten free noodles you just have to know where to look for. There are many places where a gluten sensitive person in Shanghai can grab a meal. Here are some examples of the gluten free places in Shanghai:

Organic gluten Free Shanghai! Restaurant. The service and food is excellent.

Sandi’s Shop is a gluten free shop.