Gluten Free Shanghai

If you are a gluten sensitive person and you find yourself in Shanghai there is a great organization called Gluten Free Shanghai. They will provide you with many options on where and what to eat considering your coeliac disease. Buy your own travel pillow and embark on a gluten free journey to Shanghai. It is hard for a gluten sensitive person to travel. You have to be careful. Here is one tip, green tea is gluten free and is actually a very healthy beverage. It is also tasty and great for your stomach.

There are also many gluten free noodles you just have to know where to look for. There are many places where a gluten sensitive person in Shanghai can grab a meal. Here are some examples of the gluten free places in Shanghai:

Organic gluten Free Shanghai! Restaurant. The service and food is excellent.

Sandi’s Shop is a gluten free shop.